Fixing Leaks in Your Tile Roof

It’s a common misconception that most people have into thinking that tile roofing systems can last for a lifetime. However, that though is easily crushed once they find out that their roof has a leak, much to their surprise. Tile roofing systems made from materials like concrete or clay should indeed last for several years if not for a lifetime. But it isn’t actually the tiles themselves that shield your home from water entering and seeping through your roof. The one responsible for this is actually the material found beneath the tiles which serve as the main protective layer for your home. This material is called felt which is usually made from asphalt and it becomes weak and brittle as it ages. The felt has its limitations and once it expands and contracts too much due to the heat and cold, it can lead to cracking and result into leaks on your roof.

This fact is especially true during the rainy seasons because after experiencing the transitions of hot and cold seasons, the felt has experienced being worn out. Once the rains begin, water can bypass the tiles and easily seep through your roof. In this regard, how can you make repairs to your tile roofing system? Here are ways that you can do to save your home.

Quick and Emergency Measures

If you didn’t expect any damage on your tile roof and you find your ceilings leaking, one thing that you can do is put up a tarp or any waterproof sheet to serve as protection for your roof and deviate the water away from the possible source of the leak. This is a quick and easy measure provided that your roof isn’t made severely slippery by mosses or algae that have grown out. However, this is only a temporary solution which gives you the chance in conducting repairs after the rain subsides.


For Brand New Tile Roofs

If your tile roof is brand new and you experience leaking, you should promptly contact the company that installed your roof to provide inspection and maintenance in any case that there has been a fault in the installation process of the tiles or the felt. But in most common cases, the cause for leaks in brand new tile roofs lies in other sources like rain entering the vents which may cause leaking through condensation. Regardless, you should contact professional help so that they could make quick repairs and prevent any additional damage that these leaks may cause.

For Older Tile Roofs

It’s an expected occurrence when you experience leaks for tile roofs that are more than 10 or 20 years old. Though the tiles may look intact, the felt under it may be damaged already. Covering the location where the leak is coming from is a must in this case. Damaged tiles should also be replaced if necessary. Read more