According to experts, skateboard wheels are the top considerations to determine the speed you want to get. It’s going to be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the wheels you want to have because there is a number to choose from plus the sizes and colors. They also come with different features such as strength and durometer. Wheels are made of a material called Polyurethane, which has been known to be harder.

There is this addiction that you will feel once you experience the combination of speed, pace, and balance. Just like any other sport, it requires training and consistency. Meanwhile, for beginners, the issue of their weight and height should be considered when choosing the features of the skating wheels.

In choosing the skateboard wheel, it is important to know the diameter. It is measured in millimeters (mm). The 50-53mm, the smallest wheels, are advisable for beginners for they offer stability for trick riding. The 54-59mm, medium or average size, is perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders, while, the 60mm+ are made for the professional riders. These are also designed for longboards and are made for speed and smooth run over rough terrains.

Meanwhile, the durometer, which measures the hardness of the wheel is measured on Durometer A Scale (a 100-point scale). The 99a is the best-considered durometer. Hard wheels ride fast although softer wheels offer more grip. Softer wheels are recommended for street skating and park skating.

Another thing to consider is the contact patch that shall affect the performance. This is the area of the wheel which makes contact with the pavement. Longboard wheels have large contact patch. The shape of the wheel affects the size of the contact patch. Small contact patch will slow down the wheel.

Before we give the list of the best skateboard wheels, one more thing to consider is the shape of the wheels. There are two kinds, the sharp-lip shape, and the round-lip shape. The sharp-lip shaped wheels offer more grip, which makes them perfect for cruising, carving, and slalom. Good enough for those hard turns! While the round-lip shaped wheels are perfect for surf slide and carve performances and powerslide.

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So, here are some of the best wheels for skateboards:

Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue
Its diameter of 53 is adapted to street skating. Its 51mm diameter is perfect for beginners. Its durometer of 99a offers better speed and traction, while the wide profile provides more grip. However, it has no drawbacks.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue
Its quality built, stability and traction made them perfect for cruising, skate parks and shenanigans. Since they are pretty soft, they are perfect to take part in tomfoolery. The features include a wide profile for better stability and balance. However, like the Spitfire, it has no drawbacks.

Ricta Clouds 86a
It is known to be extremely fast and super bouncy that you will be able to experience a smooth ride on the roughest surfaces, however, expensive. Its wheels are slim and lightweight. Its shiny coating of the surface is made for grip and traction.

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