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Hail Damage on Your Asphalt Roof

Hail Damage on Your Asphalt Roof

Hail is one of the most destructive weather patterns that you and your home can endure. It’s not only because hailstorms are potential causes of injury, they also deal significant amount of damage to your home. Despite the sturdiness of asphalt roofing shingles as materials for roofing systems, they can still receive damage once a hailstorm hits. It’s a relatively daunting task in repairing your roof after a hailstorm has ravaged your home. But what can you do to help in the repair of your asphalt roof? Here are some ways in dealing with the damage hail has left in its wake on your roof.

Size of the Hail

The damage done by a hailstorm is relative to the size and weight of the hail. It’s safe to say that the bigger the size of the hail, the more damage that it can do. Hails with small sizes tend to break apart once they make an impact with a hard surface. In fact, those too small just breaks into tiny pieces without even making significant damage to your home. However, you should still make thorough inspections as they may cause damage to your roof that’s too difficult to see with the untrained eye. The medium and bigger sized hails are the ones you should worry about. These large sized hails can do damage to your roofing shingles made from various materials like asphalt. If they measure up to more than 2 inches in diameter, there’s a guarantee that there will be damage to asphalt roofing shingles.

Damage on Asphalt Roofing Shingles

After a hailstorm subsides, you should make inspections to check the degree of damage the hail has done to your roof. Though asphalt roofing shingles are known for their durability among the available roofing system materials, they can still take damage after a fierce hailstorm. Here are types of damage that hail can do to your asphalt shingles.


Bruising – When the hail hits the surface of your roof, there may be indentations or depressions that result from this. This type of damage is called bruising. To identify bruising on your roof, you need to run your hands across the surface and then press your thumb against any indentation you may detect. If you feel a spongy sensation, this is bruising on your asphalt roof and may cause the shingles to fall prematurely if not repaired.

Granules – Because of the force of the hailstones’ impact, the asphalt’s surface may break apart. This can result in missing granules on the roof’s surface. You can identify this by looking if there are any parts of the substrate that are exposed. They should look new and fresh as they have not been exposed to the weather for too long.

Cracking – This is the obvious type of damage done by hailstorms. Commonly caused by larger hailstones, an asphalt shingle can be damaged and allow leaking through the cracks and gaps. Discover more……

Fixing Leaks in Your Tile Roof

Fixing Leaks in Your Tile Roof

It’s a common misconception that most people have into thinking that tile roofing systems can last for a lifetime. However, that though is easily crushed once they find out that their roof has a leak, much to their surprise. Tile roofing systems made from materials like concrete or clay should indeed last for several years if not for a lifetime. But it isn’t actually the tiles themselves that shield your home from water entering and seeping through your roof. The one responsible for this is actually the material found beneath the tiles which serve as the main protective layer for your home. This material is called felt which is usually made from asphalt and it becomes weak and brittle as it ages. The felt has its limitations and once it expands and contracts too much due to the heat and cold, it can lead to cracking and result into leaks on your roof.

This fact is especially true during the rainy seasons because after experiencing the transitions of hot and cold seasons, the felt has experienced being worn out. Once the rains begin, water can bypass the tiles and easily seep through your roof. In this regard, how can you make repairs to your tile roofing system? Here are ways that you can do to save your home.

Quick and Emergency Measures

If you didn’t expect any damage on your tile roof and you find your ceilings leaking, one thing that you can do is put up a tarp or any waterproof sheet to serve as protection for your roof and deviate the water away from the possible source of the leak. This is a quick and easy measure provided that your roof isn’t made severely slippery by mosses or algae that have grown out. However, this is only a temporary solution which gives you the chance in conducting repairs after the rain subsides.


For Brand New Tile Roofs

If your tile roof is brand new and you experience leaking, you should promptly contact the company that installed your roof to provide inspection and maintenance in any case that there has been a fault in the installation process of the tiles or the felt. But in most common cases, the cause for leaks in brand new tile roofs lies in other sources like rain entering the vents which may cause leaking through condensation. Regardless, you should contact professional help so that they could make quick repairs and prevent any additional damage that these leaks may cause.

For Older Tile Roofs

It’s an expected occurrence when you experience leaks for tile roofs that are more than 10 or 20 years old. Though the tiles may look intact, the felt under it may be damaged already. Covering the location where the leak is coming from is a must in this case. Damaged tiles should also be replaced if necessary. Read more……

The Big No-No’s in Landscaping

Landscaping isn’t an easy feat to pull off. It isn’t an overnight deal that you can perform an immediate landscaping on your backyard or your front garden. You have to take into account a lot of things like understanding the components of the land, the properties and types of plants that you want or plan on using in your garden, the different kinds of animals that might potentially interact with your garden and landscape, the tools that you need to start landscaping, the people who have the expert knowledge that you need to consult when it comes to the different issues for your landscaping and a lot more things just for the sake of a successful landscaping procedure.

Doing landscaping by yourself isn’t surprising since the cost of hiring experts and professionals when it comes for landscaping don’t come cheap. These costs range from hundreds of dollars up to thousands and sometimes, they can even reach millions of dollars when these are highly regarded professionals that are well-known for their name and skills in landscaping. However, despite the number of consultations made from experts in landscaping and extensive education through books, teaching and the Internet, most people still commit grave and critical mistakes when it comes to landscaping.

One wrong move can spell disaster in your landscaping escapade. Here are just a few tips on the things you’re not supposed to do when it comes to landscaping.

Overly Excessive Decorations


Ornamentals and lawn decorations certainly look pretty additions on your lawn when you decide on using them in your landscaping. However, do take note that putting too many decorations will only overcrowd your lawn or your garden, giving birth to a scene of chaos and disorganization. This is a common mistake that most people make since they think that putting decorations is helpful in achieving a beautiful landscape, but this actually worsens the scenery as you leave no room for the natural beauty of your landscape to be accentuated.

It isn’t a pretty sight if there are too much knickknacks laid out on a landscape. Before applying decorations, ask yourself a few questions.

Why am I putting this here?

How can this connect to the context of my landscape?

How is this a relevant piece of my garden?

Does it add to the beauty or does it simply pique my interest?

What are the opinions of other people on this particular decoration?

Impulsive Horticulture Know-How

Plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are the lifeblood of your landscape. Without them, everything else would seem bland and lifeless. But it isn’t surprising that most people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to choosing the plants they want in their landscape over the plants that they need in their landscape.


A common issue that pops up is the impulse on picking out a particular plant or flower that attracts your attention visually. Most would think that if something is beautiful, it’s okay to put a lot of these things in your garden. That’s wrong thinking since it will only lead to overcrowding of your landscape and sometimes, it can only bring a bland portrait of how your garden would look like.

Careful sorting and planning when you choose your plants is important in your landscape. Flowers don’t need to be overly extravagant to be put in your garden since their role isn’t there to put beauty in your landscape – it is to accentuate radiance while at the same time allowing the overall quality of your landscape to shine. A number of factors should also be taken note of like symmetry of the plants that you’ve chosen, their position in your garden, their water requirements and nutritional needs, the different combinations of plants that promote their growth and development in your garden and the various styles that you can utilize in arranging your plants.

Lack of Maintenance

Creating a landscape isn’t just a one-shot event that you can leave after you’re done with it. It’s a continuous project that you have to manage over the course of many months or even years. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they work on their own landscape.

The moment you finish making your landscape, you should be committed in placing effort, patience and time to handle everything that you’ve done so far or else, you’ll just end up seeing everything degrade in its quality and you’ll just realize that you wasted your time in creating this landscape. But that shouldn’t be the train of thought that you should dwell on. The fact is that it was because of a lack in management and maintenance that your landscape lost its luster and slowly made its course towards a disaster.

With proper management and maintenance, your landscape shouldn’t need to suffer. Since it’s a continuous project, you need to make sure that you manage your time well in keeping the quality of your garden top-notch and put in effort and patience in raising your plants, arranging the different parts of your garden and waiting for the results to take center stage. It’s a form of disciplinary practice as you put in a significant amount of time in it that you later realize its importance and keeping its quality to the optimum levels.

What Landscaping Needs

It isn’t just about digging around your garden with shovels or planting trees, shrubs and flowers. Landscaping is more than that. It entails a lot of responsibility and discipline in creating a huge scale of a project, even if you say it’s just your own garden that just measures a few patches of land.

During landscaping, a lot of mistakes can be made that can turn your garden into a chaotic mess. However, with the proper knowledge and the right set of skills, you can prevent all this from happening in the first place or you can take the necessary steps to resolve these problems once they arise. Landscaping isn’t just something that comes instantly by getting tools and picking the right plants, it’s about sacrificing time, effort and patience for everything to work out. Discover more..…

South Korea Makes Way to Join Asia’s Booming Gambling Industry


Seoul has just approved plans to allow investors to allow a Chinese developer agreed to purchase land on the manmade island of Yeongjong for $80 million to be used for a $4.2 billion development. The resort and casino on the island which will serve foreigners, is believed to be specifically targeted at Chinese tourists looking for an alternative to the expensive Macau. LongRunn International Group is an investor and developer of landmark real estate developments and infrastructural and environmental projects in Asia, and have reportedly sealed a deal to build a 76,000sq meter multi-resort complex.


The island is home to the Incheon International Airport and the Incheon Bridge connects the island to the mainland and provides direct access between Songdo and Incheon International Airport. The plans for this development which will be named‘Diamond City,’ include a casino, 7- star hotel as well as schools and malls. The developers also intend to build theme parks and the intention is to compete with the established gambling meccas of Macau and Las Vegas.

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The Yeongjong casino will offer Chinese gamblers visiting Korea new luxury amenities like restaurants, spas, shows and the ability to host large groups which may draw new tourism to the island.


How will the plans effect the Asian Gaming Industry?


South Korea has much lower revenues that other Asian gambling spots. For example, in 2013 South Korea’s revenue from gaming was $2.7 billion whereas Macau raked in $45 billion. With this move to expand and improve the industry in Yeongjong, the hope is that South Korea will enjoy an influx of new tourist and an increased revenue to show for it. They offer much lower minimum bets in their V.I.P rooms that in Macau, which has led many Chinese tourists who are less affluent that the very rich spenders, to flock there instead and with better facilities, the government hopes they will come in their droves.


What are the possible problems South Korea may face?


One issue that South Korea may come up against, is that many other countries have started to catch on to a new wave of gambling development. China has already made huge plans for Hainan to become a new centre for gambling there, even relaxing laws to do so. Vietnam and the Philippines have also been following suit and have been building their own resorts which are likely to be much cheaper than those in South Korea. In Japan, there have been moves to legalize casinos with the Tokyo Olympics looming and prices are coming down for family entertainment in places like Macau.


So, it seems they will be up against fierce competition as many countries begin the scramble to fight for the massive financial gains to be had from a booming gambling tourist industry. It remains to be seen how South Korea will fare but the prospects look good, with companies like Caesars Entertainment Corp already having plans approved for their first new casinos. To get a taste of casino life, check out Dream Jackpot.

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Best Skateboard Wheels

According to experts, skateboard wheels are the top considerations to determine the speed you want to get. It’s going to be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the wheels you want to have because there is a number to choose from plus the sizes and colors. They also come with different features such as strength and durometer. Wheels are made of a material called Polyurethane, which has been known to be harder.

There is this addiction that you will feel once you experience the combination of speed, pace, and balance. Just like any other sport, it requires training and consistency. Meanwhile, for beginners, the issue of their weight and height should be considered when choosing the features of the skating wheels.

In choosing the skateboard wheel, it is important to know the diameter. It is measured in millimeters (mm). The 50-53mm, the smallest wheels, are advisable for beginners for they offer stability for trick riding. The 54-59mm, medium or average size, is perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders, while, the 60mm+ are made for the professional riders. These are also designed for longboards and are made for speed and smooth run over rough terrains.

Meanwhile, the durometer, which measures the hardness of the wheel is measured on Durometer A Scale (a 100-point scale). The 99a is the best-considered durometer. Hard wheels ride fast although softer wheels offer more grip. Softer wheels are recommended for street skating and park skating.

Another thing to consider is the contact patch that shall affect the performance. This is the area of the wheel which makes contact with the pavement. Longboard wheels have large contact patch. The shape of the wheel affects the size of the contact patch. Small contact patch will slow down the wheel.

Before we give the list of the best skateboard wheels, one more thing to consider is the shape of the wheels. There are two kinds, the sharp-lip shape, and the round-lip shape. The sharp-lip shaped wheels offer more grip, which makes them perfect for cruising, carving, and slalom. Good enough for those hard turns! While the round-lip shaped wheels are perfect for surf slide and carve performances and powerslide.

(Asia’s Booming Gambling Industry is…)

So, here are some of the best wheels for skateboards:

Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue
Its diameter of 53 is adapted to street skating. Its 51mm diameter is perfect for beginners. Its durometer of 99a offers better speed and traction, while the wide profile provides more grip. However, it has no drawbacks.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue
Its quality built, stability and traction made them perfect for cruising, skate parks and shenanigans. Since they are pretty soft, they are perfect to take part in tomfoolery. The features include a wide profile for better stability and balance. However, like the Spitfire, it has no drawbacks.

Ricta Clouds 86a
It is known to be extremely fast and super bouncy that you will be able to experience a smooth ride on the roughest surfaces, however, expensive. Its wheels are slim and lightweight. Its shiny coating of the surface is made for grip and traction.

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